Lucy Paine Kezar
 Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

  Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  Interviewing techniques
  Writing: business, creative, promotional, technical

Lucy helps clients and students speak and write effectively. Drawing on over thirty years' experience in communications industries and many years as an active public speaker, she trains and coaches in all aspects of public speaking. A professional writer, she also teaches and consults in writing and in interviewing techniques.

Public speaking is a learned skill.  When we upgrade this skill other communication skills improve simultaneously.  This simply happens--a fact to which countless trained and experienced public speakers attest.  Likewise, we can learn successful interviewing skills.  In enjoyable and informative sessions Lucy coaches clients preparing to be interviewed for jobs, school or college admission, or special events.

    Lucy customizes training and coaching sessions to clients' and students' needs. She does occasional entertainment speaking, sometimes incorporating "magic" tricks and effects--a speaker-trainer-magician!

Her past staff positions have included Advertising Creative Director, Developmental Editor in college textbook publishing, and staff writer-photographer with the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. During high-school and college summers Lucy was an instructor in swimming and lifesaving and a day-camp and community waterfront director.

From early ’99 to mid-’03 Lucy was a columnist/photographer for the New Hampshire Seacoast Newspapers. The title of her column was “Common Ground."

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