Comments on Lucy’s programs

Selected comments by participants in Lucy’s training programs on business and technical writing, time mastery, and stress management:

"This training program is the best I ever attended in my 18 years of employment. I am thankful to Lucy for providing useful training that I can use in my profession, and for motivating me to use it—extremely relevant and useful."

"Lucy took time out whenever needed to explain concepts. It was not like other workshops I have attended. This training program was enjoyable. I will leave with knowledge that I can apply in my work."

"I feel that Lucy really cares about the students in her class. Each student received individual attention. Each class was an opportunity to share writing pieces and correct them. There were plenty of hands-on learning experiences."

One of the first things Lucy told us was, 'We are all writers with our own individual styles.' From this, I feel a gain of confidence whenever I now begin to write."

The instructor gave the students every opportunity to provide input and interaction which was beneficial to the class."

"The instructor was well prepared. She made sure that the students received individual attention."

"Helped me to start writing—where I had writer's block before. Able to bring samples of my own writing."

"The workshop pointed out things I was subtly aware of, but needed brought to the 'forefront.'"

"I received a lot of useful feedback."

"Open communication between Lucy and ourselves enabled us to learn."

"'Writing to Communicate' has helped me in my day-to-day work environment with memos, letters to clients, and helping my children with their homework. I would strongly recommend the course for anyone looking to improve their writing skills."

"Gave me a better understanding of my writing."

"Review of grammar was very useful. Teacher was available to students via e-mail."

"The course provided me with improved knowledge for peer reviewing of reports."

"Class was very refreshing and interesting."

"The seminar has prompted me to become more organized and less stressed by undone work—Do it and do it now!"

"The workshop gave me tools toward mastery of my time. The time management concepts in this seminar can be applied in any job and at any level."

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