Seminars and Consulting

Customized coaching, seminars, keynotes, and consulting:

Business, Technical, and Promotional Writing
Do you find business or technical writing a chore?  Do you procrastinate?  Lucy enables clients to write with clarity, ease, and confidence.  She customizes all presentations and workshops to clients' needs.  Topics include basic techniques, grammar, organization,  spelling, punctuation, format, and appropriateness for the target audience.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
Do you feel challenged in putting material across?  Learn to improve spoken communication in all its aspects.  In these seminars Lucy gives participants easy-to-learn techniques for effectiveness, drawing on her speech-drama training, coaching of speakers, experience as dramatic monologuist and storyteller, and 20 years in communications industries. She also offers a lively and motivating workshop on techniques for the speaking voice itself.

Time Management
Raise productivity and improve life satisfaction through better management of time.  Learn techniques, customized for you or your group.  Seminar participants and individual clients analyze their own behavior patterns in order to capitalize on strengths and identify areas for improvement.  As in Lucy's other seminars, atmosphere is friendly and noncompetitive.

Coping and Stress
We all experience stress; some of it we can eliminate and some we cannot.  Learn how to manage stress with skills you already have, used and combined in new ways.  Develop new coping strategies including flexibility, closeness with others, problem solving, and communication, for greater professional and personal satisfaction.

Photography for Business
In a world of increasing online and print communication and marketing, we can all use more photography in our work.  You can do some of this photography yourself,  not to replace but rather to supplement any studio shots that you may already use.  Learn simple guidelines for special-purpose photography of individuals, groups, equipment, or facilities.  Lucy offers you the knowledge gained in her many years' experience in the publishing, exhibiting and teaching of photography.

Understanding and Improving Workplace Interactions
Do workplace interactions drain your energy?  Do you wonder why people sometimes work well together, sometimes not?  In a friendly noncompetitive seminars workshop learn to understand yourself and others in working environments.  Develop new ways of understanding style differences, building workplace rapport, and raising productivity.  Gain new understanding of your own and others' motivation and behavior in specific environments.


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